Judo for WUR-students

Judoschool Ichido is an, by the SWU Thymos, aknowledged
(judo)association. Students who are member of Judoschool Ichido recieve each month a discount on their memberschip fee.
These students, when they have sport rights, can get a partly refund for their subscription fee by SWU Thymos.

As of January 1, 2021 the discount is estimated at EUR 5,00/month on the membership fee and a partly refund of 25% on the
memebership fee till a maximum of EUR 50,00 per person per year.

See for the time schedule and locations “lesrooster” on this website.

For more (judo)information contact us by email of 06-29733211.
For more information on the refund contact SWU Thymos.

Voor judolessen en meer in Wageningen & Bunnik